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Tissue Culture Plants

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Best Quality Plants

Guvava Plant Varieties

We have plenty of varieties in Guvava Tissue Culture Plants.

Banana Plants Varieties

We have plenty of varieties in Banana Tissue Culture Plants.

Pomegranate Plant Varieties

We have plenty of varieties in Promegranate Tissue Culture Plants.

About Us

Established in the year 1999, we, Ambica Agro (A parent company of
Shayona Biotech Private Limited) initiated our journey as the profound manufacturer of a wide array of Tissue Culture Plants, Apple Plants, Fruits Plant, Forestry Plants and much more. These plants are grown by tissue culture procedures in which we maintain or grow plant cells under sterile conditions using a nutrient culture medium of the known composition. By following this modern technology, we have been able to offer our customers plants, characterized by disease free growth, a fibrous & healthier root system, a bushier branching habit and a higher survival rate.

The best tissue culture company with good quality in anand and good quality plants with reasonable price

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